History Tour Course

You will visit the cultural heritage, which locals have been nurturing over the years, as well as the school established by Daimyo Ikeda Mistumasa of Okayama to give more educational chances to the people.


  1. Okayama Wake Yakult Factory
  2. Wake Station Area
  3. Wake no Kiyomaro Statue
  4. Wakecho History & Folklore Museum
  5. Wake Shrine
  6. Old Shizutani School

Activities & Cycling Tour Course

This course along by the abandoned railway track has gentle slopes, so anybody can enjoy it. You will be able to take a close look at a lot unique characters and the vestiges for the old railway such as station buildings, platforms, traffic lights, etc. along the road. Please enjoy cycling in the great combination of nostalgic railway track and the beautiful nature.


  1. Wake Ugaitani Traffic Park
  2. Katatetsu Romantic Road
  3. Wake Ugaidani Onsen
  4. Okayama Wake Yakult Factory

Nature Tour Course

At the Nature Conservation, you can visit and enjoy various kinds of fields facilities such as the insect forest, the hygrophyte garden, the forest  observation, etc. to be familiar with nature and be friends with many living things. Please observe wild birds, insects and flowers thorough all four seasons and experience the wonder of the great nature.


  1. Okayama Prefecture Nature Conservation Center
  2. Miho Kogen Sports & Resort
  3. Okayama Wake Yakult Factory