Nature that portrays the seasons
Hot spring that soothes one’s daily fatigue
Landscapes that spread through the mountains
Meals that adorn the journey
There are reasons to visit Wake





JR Sanyo Line
30 minutes from Okayama Station
50 minutes from Kurashiki Station (Transfer at Okayama Station)
35 minutes from Aioi Station
55 minutes from Himeji Station

Chugoku Expressway, 50 minutes from Mimasaka IC
Sanyo Expressway, 21 minutes from Okayama IC (Okayama Airport to Okayama IC:10 minutes)

Wake-Town Tourist Attraction

Fuji Park

Fuji Park has the widest variety of Wisteria in Japan

Late April to early May is the best time to see

Established in 1985, this beautiful park collects famous wisterias from around the country. With about 100 types, it offers the widest varieties of wisterias in Japan. Some flower tassels are over 1 meter long, whereas other tassels are small, like the size of grapes. Also th ere are a wide variety of colors, such as dark purple, light purple, pink, and white. There is a passage along the 500 meters long wisteria trellis, and one can stroll through while looking at the wisteria. At full bloom, long tassels droop and overlap each other like drizzling purple rain. The sight is so beautiful that it captivates one’s heart, thus becoming a tourist location that represents the town.

1386-2 Fujino, Wake-town, Wake, Okayama P Available(available for motorcoaches)
☎ 0869-93-1126( Wake-Town Hall Industry Promotion Division)
8:00 – 21:00 ※The place is lit up during charged period.
¥Charged only during full bloom ※Pets are not allowed
[Adult] 300 yen [Children( junior high and elementary school students)] 150 yen
※Group discounts are available

Wamonji Yaki Festival

Summer tradition that “Wa” bonfire lights up the night sky

Held on 16/Aug Every year

Every year at 8pm on August 16th, the Chinese Character “Wa(和)” is lit on Wake-Town’s Kannon Mountain, concurrent with the Daimonji Yaki Festival in Kyoto. A stage is set up on the riverbed, and various attractions are held as well. Before lighting the “Wa” bonfire, all the lights in the venue will be turned off. Then t he “Wa” character appears gradually in the darkness of the summer night, and the festive venue becomes quiet as if it is a solemn ceremony. When the character is fully lit, 2,000 rounds of fireworks are set off into the night sky, and the fes tival reaches its climax. “Wa” represents Wake-Town’s “Wa”, but it will also read “Yamato (old way of saying Japan)” when combined with “Daimonji”

Tawarashimo, Wake-town, Wake, Okayama
P Available
☎ 0869-93-0522 (Wake Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Katatetsu Romantic Road

One can rent a bicycle at JR Wake Station and Ugaidani Traffic Park
The discontinued Katakami Railway was resurrected as a cycling road, with the stations and platforms still remaining. The 34km cycling road is from Kichigahara, Misaki-town to Katakami, Bizen-city. Along the road, one can enjoy the cl ear str eam of Yoshii River, a nd mountains that change its color every season.

☎ 0869-93-1126( Wake-Town Hall Industry Promotion Division)

Okayama Nature Conservation Center

Largest breeding of Japanese Cranes in Japan!
This 100ha Prefectural Natural Park has a breeding facility, wh ich keeps the largest number of Japanese Cranes in Japan. With one of the lar gest artificial wetlands in the country, about 2,500 species of animals and pla nts have been identified in the park. Rare species, such as beautiful pogonia, fringed orchid, and the smallest Nannophya Pygmaea in Japan are observable. One can feel the seasons with their five senses, observe the animals and plants, and can also learn the importance of the natural environment at this facility.

730 Taga, Wake-town, Wake, Okayama
P Available(available for motorcoaches)
☎ 0869-88-1190
9:00 – 16:30
Cl every Tuesday, the day after national holidays, New Year’s holiday
¥ Free

Wake Ugaidani Hot Spring

This hot spring produces 150 tons of hot water daily, and has a spring quality of pH9.5, making it an alkaline simple hot spring. Since it contains sulfur, it is effective for neuralgia, muscle pain, and joint pain. Besides a day trip bath, one can enjoy the heated swimming pool, tennis court, and restaurant. It has a spacious facility that can accommodate one’s family, as there are 23 Japanese style rooms and 6 Western style rooms available.

666-1 Masubara, Wake-town, Wake, Okayama
P Available(available for motorcoaches)
☎ 0869-92-9001
(Day trip bath)9:00 – 21:00
Cl Open throughout the year
¥(Day trip bath) [adult] 600 yen [Children] 350 yen [Baby] 150 yen

Tenjinyama Castle Ruins

Okayama Prefecture Designated Cultural Property
It is the castle of warlord Munekage Urakami, which is located at an altitude of 400m. With a 500m long Honmaru, and a Demaru 500m away from the Honmaru, it is the largest Renkaku style castle constructed in the Bizen area. The castle fell in 1575 after being attacked by Naoie Ukita.

Tado, Iwato, Wake-town, Wake, Okayama
☎ 0869-88-1157 (Wake-town Board of Education)

Rice Terrace of Saeki

There are many small terraced rice fields in the mountainside of Tado and Okushiota area located near the eastern part of Yoshii River. The terraced rice fields portray the greatness of those who have gone before us and the beauty of four seasons.

Okushiota, Tado, Wake-town, Wake, Okayama
☎ 0869-88-1101 (Wake-town, Saeki Government Building Business Division)

Statue of Wake no Kiyomaro

1250 years after his birth, Wake no Kiyomaro has been commemorated with a 4.63m statue made by a famous Japanese sculpture artist named Fumio Asakura. The statue was donated from Nara Prefecture and the Asakura House, and has become a symbol of Fuji Park ever since.

1386-2 Fujino, Wake-town, Wake, Okayama
P Available(available for motorcoaches)
☎ 0869-93-1126 (Wake-Town Hall Industry Promotion Division)

Wake-Town Gourmet

Drop by when you get hungry

Kokkun Okannomise

A bakery opened by a pastry chef who studied in France. There are sweet buns using homemade cream, hard texture bread using natural yeast, and sandwiches using homegrown vegetables. They have about 50 kinds of different breads!

145 Tsuze, Wake-town, Wake, Okayama
P 3 vehicles
☎ 0869-88-1419
11:00 – 18:00 ※The sale will end when all the stock has been sold.
Cl Tuesday to Thursday

Okonomiyaki Ikkyu

Built around 40 years ago, it is a popular restaurant loved by the local people. They place importance on the ingredients, so they purchase cabbage and pork from contracted famers. Thus, one can enjoy delicious Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba. A rolled Okonomiyaki known as “Ikkyu Yaki” is their specialty.

644 Fukutomi, Wake-town, Wake, Okayama
P Available
☎ 0869-93-0519
10:30 – 20:00
Cl Monday

Soba + Gallery Toga

A soba restaurant and gallery opened by the owner who studied at a Soba restaurant, which has won a Michelin star. The owner carefully selects buckwheat from all over the country, grounds it in a stone mill, and makes the Soba every morning by hand. The texture, nodogoshi( feeling when food/drinks go down one’s throat), and scent are all exceptional.

228-1Shimizu, Wake-town, Wake, Okayama
P 5 to 6 vehicles
☎ 0869-92-9817
11:30 – 15:00(Soba) 15:00 – 17:00(tea time)
Cl Monday/third Sunday

Omelet Rice Restaurant/Wakura

Since it was built in 1928, it is a restaurant popular for its omelet made with a secret recipe. The ketchup rice cooked with pork and onions creates is flavorful. At night, the restaurant also becomes a Japanese-style bar, and the 2nd floor is a BBQ restaurant at both lunch and dinnertime.

945-3 Kinugasa, Wake-town, Wake, Okayama
P Available
☎ 0869-92-0101
11:00 – 14:30, 17:30 – 22:00(Friday and Saturday 23:00)
Cl Wednesday/third Sunday

Pizza King

An Iranian owner cooks pizza and gratin. Pizzas are baked in a stone oven with delicious Iranian spices, and it has a chewy texture.

466-4 Wake, Wake-town, Wake, Okayama
P Available
☎ 0869-93-1300
[Monday, Wednesday to Saturday] 11:30 – 14:00, 17:00 – 21:30 [Sunday] 11:30 – 21:00
Cl Tuesday


One can enjoy Ramen, a la carte dishes, and set meals at this C hinese re staurant. T he m ost p opular dish is Japanese-style thick starchy sauce on Chinese fried rice wrapped in eggs. Chicken broth Ramen is also delicious!

644 Fukutomi, Wake-town, Wake, Okayama
P Available
☎ 0869-93-0215
11:00 – 15:00, 17:00 – 21:30
Cl Tuesday

Tourists Spot Near Wake-Town

Shizutani School

Japan Heritage
This school was an educational institution for the common people built and managed by the Okayama feudal domain in the Edo period. Including the auditorium that is a National Treasure, most of the other buildings such as the Shrine and Shizutani Shrine have been designated as an important cultural heritage of the country.

784 Shizutani Bizen-city Okayama
P 500 vehicle(s available for motorcoaches)
☎ 0869-67-1436
9:00 – 17:00
Cl December 29 – 31 days
7 minutes from Sanyo Expressway, Wake IC
¥ [Adult] 400 yen [elementary and junior high school students] 100 yen [65 or older] 200 yen ※Group discounts are available